Day 127 – The Little Details

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

Sometimes in life you stop to admire the little details that go into things. Noticing these little details allows you to appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into these details. When you yourself incorporate little details such as decorating your home, doing a new DIY project, or adding the extra bow on a birthday gift, you have an appreciation for yourself too. You think to yourself, “wow, that looks really nice. I created that!” It creates a sense of confidence in yourself that you were able to create your vision and execute it, whether it be small or large.

TJ has mentioned that since it’s May now, we are trying to incorporate the wedding that we are having at the end of this month in our blog posts. Well, talk about the little details… now that we are getting closer to the wedding, the little details is what I’ve been focusing on for these next few weeks. Sure, I can say screw it and slack off and not do them because they aren’t a necessity for the wedding. However, I’d execute my vision more with the extra time that goes into the signs, favors, theming etc. Hopefully the guests will take notice to these small details and appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into each detail. If I didn’t pay any mind to doing these things that might not seem as important to other people, I’d be letting down myself more than anyone else because it’s what I want to do for my vision. If you want to start a new home improvement project or are planning a wedding do your own, go for the little details. You’ll be happy you went all in after putting in the effort. 

Item 127 of 360+

Today’s item is an old grater that I’ve had for a few years and was actually cracked. I got a new cheese grater for the bridal shower and started clearing out the kitchen utensil drawer the other day so instead of keeping both, I got rid of the old one!

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