Day 123 – The Grind

“Strength is the product of struggle. You must do what others don’t achieve what others won’t.” – Henry Rollins

The last push, the final lap, under a month until I put on the tuxedo for the wedding. Amalia and I feel like we have been dieting for two years in preparation for this. It’s been a grind, a lot of late night gym sessions when it would be easier to lay on the couch, a lot of ordering salads when everyone was ordering pizza and a lot of missed desserts and treats…but we still had some of course because everyone still needs some ice cream every now and then. It’s not as easy as 123 (shoutout to our 123rd blog post), it’s a lot of work but I’d be lying if I don’t love this lifestyle. I love the feeling of being healthy, eating healthy for the majority of meals, and working out most days.

I’ve been into fitness and health since senior year of high school, and although I have fallen off a few times, for the the most part I have been in good shape. It means a lot to me as I was a chubby kid, I am proud of my progress. I will be very happy to fit in a tux that high school me wouldn’t have been able to fit in. It’s an accomplishment for me but I’ll definitely be letting myself celebrate a little bit afterwards. Luckily, I can’t lose my progress too much because I have my friend Alex’s wedding in July and my friends Ronnie, Peter and I bought fitted jackets to keep us honest for the summer. It’s all great though, I plan on keeping up the progress I’ve made this past year with the gym and healthy eating. I hope you have all been doing well with your goals and have those summer bodies ready, it’s right around the corner. Let us know how you have been doing with your fitness and any other life goals.

Item 123 of 360+ 

Today’s item is our old garbage can. We have had this can for a while and it has served us well. It has been through many messes and has held hundreds, maybe even thousands, of garbage bags for us. We were lucky enough to get a new can with our wedding registry so it is time for us to say goodbye to this one. It’s simple enough, there is no reason to keep stuff like this around, it will end up being clutter later on. It was time to trash this can! Sorry, I had to say that lol.

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