Day 119 – Just Get Rid of It

“Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it.” – Nike

Today I started making my switch over from my winter clothes to my summer clothes. I started hauling out containers and storage bags filled with clothes. Two big crates and 2 extra large under the bed storage bags to be exact. As I started unpacking all of these clothes and sorting through the winter and summer items, I thought to myself, how did I accumulate so much stuff? Then I started analyzing my clothes and realized I’ve had things from high school still…. yes, high school… which I graduated from nine years ago. That’s when it hit me, I never get rid of stuff. I hardly ever get rid of anything that’s ‘in perfectly fine shape.’ This is because I grew up with not a lot of money and I had hand-me-downs and we didn’t get things outside of Christmas really. That mentality has stuck with me and money has made a unique impression on me throughout my past experiences.

Nonetheless, I never get rid of things that are in good shape because I appreciate the value and worth it was to obtain these items. As I was going through all my clothes though, it became clearer and clearer to me that I didn’t need to be holding onto all these items anymore. It serves no valuable purpose for me and it’s at the point where it’s better to not even hold onto it anymore. So, I started to push myself a little more and more to get rid of some things I’ve been holding on to. The result, I actually felt better about it. It was stuff I can visibly see going out of my room and into a donation bag. Time becomes more valuable to me as I get older and I don’t want to spend it taking the same items out and packing again after multiple years of no wear. I’m going to be more conscious of this as I continue to go through my clothes and try to get rid of more items because the Lord knows I have enough clothes.

Item 119 of 360+

Today’s item is another one of TJ’s older polos he doesn’t wear to work anymore. This item was no longer serving a purpose for TJ anymore and will be donated so hopefully someone new can use it.

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