Day 111 – Take It Easy

“I’ve learned that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time” – Oprah Winfrey

With the summer quickly approaching and Covid-19 winding down a bit, people are getting overly excited to plan trips. I’m super excited too to get out and see my friends and travel. However, don’t push yourself to fill in all of your time with maximum travel and constant social gatherings. Sometimes it’s best just to relax and enjoy the smaller things and special moments whether that be yourself or around your immediate family. Those often are the best moments and you don’t think to schedule time in your busy summer for hanging out with just your parents, self, or children. However, you most likely will never regret spending that time with your family rather than squeezing stressful travel and booking every weekend getaway. 

Life is short, so you tend to spend it away from your loved ones in order to travel, but a balance of traveling and also scheduling the time with your family/friends is important. Like I said, life is short. You don’t want to regret not spending that extra time with your mom, dad, family members, etc. You should also go ahead and plan that family reunion trip you and your family have been talking about for the past three years that never happened. I’m going to be thinking of this while I make my summer plans to start planning poker nights with my dad and sister, dinners with my mom and stepdad, taking mental health relaxation days just at the house, and traveling/exploring with my husband. It’s easy to get carried away with jam packing your summer schedule, so keep in mind your ideal balance you want to keep while making these future plans.

Item 111 of 360+

Today’s item is one of TJ’s polos he no longer wears. TJ and I are both going through our closets right now and are starting to shed away clothes we no longer need. Hopefully someone new would enjoy this nice polo.

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