Day 95 – Multiples

“We live in a world when unnecessary things are our only necessities.” – Oscar Wilde

Happy Monday! It was a beautiful day out today, TJ and I went out for the first time this year for a bike ride since the weather was perfect. When riding our bikes, I wore a headband TJ bought for me last year to help with my ears since they are sensitive to the wind, especially when riding bikes. It was my first time using it and TJ asked if it was helpful or if he should get me a different one. I thought to myself, this one is fine, I don’t need another. So I told him don’t bother, this one does the trick. 

A little anecdote that brings me to my topic today which is multiples. I know so many of us are guilty of having multiple of the same type of item. Do we use all of these though? How did we accumulate so many multiples? For me, it usually starts when I either get a gift from someone and I’m not expecting it so I keep the new one, plus the one I had because I like them both now (never would have dawned on me to get another unless it was gifted as a surprise present.) The other reason would be that I needed to get a new item due to wear and tear and I just never threw the old item away just in case. A good example of this is sneakers so that I have a crappy pair for chores etc. However, I end up with more than one pair of crappy shoes because I don’t end up throwing away the last pair I kept for chores.

This leads to the multiples, multiplying. It gets pretty crazy and it happens with everything, not just shoes. If I had said yes to TJ today, I would have kept my current headband because it has features I like plus whatever the new one would have been and then I’d end up with two. It happens quickly and unknowingly. These items add up and multiply in our homes and it’s important to watch for these sneaky items. When you start watching for multiples of items in your stuff, you’ll realize how many you actually have. I know I’ll be watching for this now more often and try to cut down to the essentials and not just the ‘nice to haves.’

Item 095 of 360+

Today’s item is an old Madden video game from 2015 that TJ no longer plays. TJ has a few of the newer versions of Madden so why keep the old ones if you’re not using them right? Perfect example of multiples in the house being unused.

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