Day 93 – Get Ahead

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain

Amalia and I have never been hoarders. So why are we decluttering items? Well, because it’s nice to get ahead of a possible problem and nip it in the butt. We already received a bunch of new items for purchasing our new house. We now have a bunch more space than our last space which could be filled with old/new things. We are about to be receiving a bunch more items for Amalia’s wedding shower. It had us set up to have all of this new stuff but instead of being stagnant and having the ‘take-take-take just in case attitude’, we instead decided to get ahead of a possible problem. 

Getting ahead of possible problems is a great place to be. If you can prepare yourself for success, always try your best to do so. Our decluttering journey has let us get rid of the things we no longer need and keep what we do need at our current state in our lives. There are so many places to apply this to your life, your health, your job, etc. Don’t wait for a health problem to change your diet, get ahead of the problem. Don’t wait for your job to become a problem, always keep your resume up to date and always try to find the best opportunities for yourself. No one can help you with this type of stuff, it’s on you to get ahead of possible issues to live the best life you can. If you have any good examples of getting ahead of a problem that has happened to you in life or you wish happened to you, please share!

Item 093 of 360+

It must be Christmas in April as today’s item is a Funko Pop of a Supernatural character named Castiel wearing a Xmas sweater. It is quite funny that we are decluttering this item on Easter, with a Summer exclusive sticker on it and a winter sweater involved. It’s a little mix of everything and I’m sure it’s next owner will appreciate this item. As for me, I am happy to declutter another item as we are getting close to our 100th, a big milestone!

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