Day 67 – Collections

“You spend the first part of your life collecting things…and the second half getting rid of them.” -Isabel Allende

“Instead of collecting things and staying in one space, I want to collect experiences.” -Kesh

Collections are fun but dangerous to those trying to declutter their lives. There really is no end point to most collections especially today with the internet. I don’t want to completely get rid of my collections as of today, but I would like to start getting rid of parts of collections that don’t mean much to me. This seems like a good place to start to test the waters moving forward as we grow together towards minimalism. 

This is our “next phase” in the process. Of course this doesn’t mean we won’t be doing some more clothing but I wanted to do a change of focus for a bit. I have a few different collections of game figures, cards, and random items. A big part of The Minimalists journey was selling any of their items they no longer needed to use to pay off their debt. This is my plan, I will be posting any type of collectible I declutter on eBay to put towards our debt. Less stuff, less bills, less attachment to have more space, more freedom, and a more meaningful life.

Item 067 of 360+

Funko Pops! I have too many of them so I am downsizing and selling. This particular one is Dean Winchester from Supernatural. I actually have another identical Pop! of Dean that is displayed in my room, still unsure if I will sell that one. Amalia and I really liked the show and I randomly started collecting all of the Supernatural pops. I have nowhere to put them all so most reside in a box, that’s why I decided to sell them and give them to someone who can actually show them off in their own collection.

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