Day 40 – Daily Tasks

Extraordinary results are the cumulative effect of ordinary discipline exercised on ordinary days. —T.K. Coleman

“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” —George Lorimer

It’s TJ and it’s TWOsday which means it’s time to ask ourselves some questions. Today’s questions are focused towards talking about what daily tasks add the most value and least value. Enjoy!

Q1: What’s your daily task (most days) that adds the most value to your life?

I like getting some sort of workout in. This is a much easier task when it’s the Summer because I am able to go outside and bike or do something active with Amalia and/or Luna. Regardless, getting an activity in everyday just seems to make my sleep better and my body feel grand. I have discussed this before but it’s important to value your health and this is my way of doing it. I don’t always eat healthy but if you are disciplined with working out and eating healthy the majority of the time, it makes things easier health-wise. A shout-out to writing the blog posts too, that has been a highlight to my day most days as well.

Q2: What’s your daily task (most days) that adds the least value to your life?

Anything mindless.. Driving and chores are daily things that come to mind. Something I am going to try to do is make the mindless tasks less mindless. When driving or doing chores, I can try to listen to an audiobook or podcast. Also, daily things I do that aren’t “tasks” include getting stuck on my phone, sitting at my computer too long or watching tv. The best thing for this is to check yourself, before you wreck yourself. I just need to be more self aware of what I am doing and try to help myself realize when I’m stuck and unstick myself. It sounds much easier than it is but thankfully I have been doing much better with using my time more wisely this year. My challenge for you is to figure out what task is adding the least value in your life and try to add some value to it as well.

Item 040 of 360+

A scarf from Amalia today. Another good item for the cold weather during this chilly February. We know someone will appreciate using this scarf. We have reached 40 posts, Yay!

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