Day 17 – Value Personal Health

“Most people concentrate on the urgent in our culture. We worry about our health and focus on our money only after they’re gone.” – Dave Ramsey 

Hello from the treadmill, it’s TJ again on a wonderful Shoe Sunday afternoon. The minimalists like to talk about core values; things that are truly important that everyone should focus on. Today I would like to talk about one that I try to make a part of my every day, health. Being healthy, eating right, and taking care of your body should be on your mind every single day. This does not mean you have to go try to lift 400 pounds on the bench press or run a marathon but it should be something that is important to everyone. If you find it getting lost in your day to day, today is a great day to try and turn that around. 

Just to share some thoughts, one does not obtain healthiness, you have to work on it everyday. The best thing to start doing is taking small steps every day by.. well literally taking small steps everyday. Go for a walk, try to do something active every day while listening to music, an audiobook, or a podcast. Also, you can’t change your whole diet in one day, but an easy thing to start with is eating a healthy breakfast and drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Start there and you will notice a difference and it’s a great foundation to build on in my personal experience. 

What a great quote today. The time to focus on your health is not after you find out you have a health problem. Today is the best day to start trying to better yourselves and put more time into your health. If you’re reading this and already have a healthy lifestyle, share some tips in the comments to help others. Today’s blog post was brought to you by 1.55 miles on the treadmill. 

Item 017 of 360+

It’s shoe Sundays! A pair of sneakers that have been used thoroughly (and that may be an understatement). Usually these used shoes would lay waste in the closet, but not this time. We will be tossing these in the trash as they are not gently worn so there leaves no life in these shoes for anyone else. They have served their purpose and no longer will add value to my feet, let alone my life.

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