Day 14 – Finding Your Spark

“Greatness comes from a strong desire.” – Joshua Fields Millburn

What’s Up? Amalia here on our wonderful 2 week mark of our 360 in 365 challenge! Today’s quote came from one of The Minimalists themselves! TJ listens to their podcasts often and we were talking about this quote today and how it has it’s impacted our lives. You’ll hear a lot of people throughout your life say things like they were born to play the guitar or born to be an athlete or doctor and so forth. Your greatness equates to the effort and desire you put into the things you truly love. Not because you were born to do it, not because you were good at it, it’s the desire and passion to do it that matters. If you’ve seen the new Disney movie, Soul, you probably already have an idea of where I’m going at with this.

Greatness comes from practice, determination, and love. Love for the things you do in your life that give you joy and fulfillment. If you don’t truly love something, how can you expect to be the greatest and give 100%, if you’re not truly into it 100% to begin with? The movie Soul talks about a man who had just passed and his soul is wandering in this purgatory type area. He has to help another soul find their ‘spark.’ The man assumes that the spark is your purpose in life. He eventually finds out that it’s not about your purpose at all, and there was no need to put that pressure on him and his soul to find that one thing that makes you…you. Although if you find the thing you really enjoy in life, that’s great too. However, the main goal was to find the desire to live for the little soul to move on. If you put your mind to something, you can do it. But only do the things you love and are really determined to do because you want to. Don’t put that unnecessary pressure on yourself to find your purpose in life. Your life is what you make of it. YOU have the power to turn it into something great.

The man in Soul got lost…he lost his way and almost became a lost soul. You become a lost soul when you just go through the motions of something you thought you wanted but force yourself to stick with anyway because it’s a good paying job, or you’re good at it, or it’s the only thing you’ve ever known, etc. Don’t become a lost soul. Analyze your life and think to yourself, is this something I want? Am I happy here? How can I make my life more worthwhile? I’ll say it again because it’s very important. Life is what YOU make of it.

TJ and I wanted to do something different with our lifestyle and have been wanting to become more minimalistic so instead of keeping it a thought in the back of our heads as a “what if” scenario, we went after it. We made this website, blog, lifestyle change happen because we desire to. We believe this will make us happy and ultimately lead to our own greatness and fulfillment in our lives.

Item 014 of 360+

It’s TJ for the item segment! Today’s item is an autographed poster I have from years ago from a youtuber named Tobuscus, Toby Turner. Darkness, Redness and Whiteness, a joke about how a video camera looks when you put your finger over it and remove it. I enjoyed watching his silly videos but now it’s just a poster… Often times posters like these would be saved as a memory after taken down from a wall. They serve no purpose, it will collect dust somewhere and people often have to throw it out or move it to the next house to go back into storage (like us). It is items like these that will take up unnecessary space. There is a time and place for things like posters or wall decoration but after they are used, they no longer add value to your life. Memories are great but if a memory truly was an object, would you keep it in your basement, attic or garage. Keep it in your head and if you like the memory, take a photo of it and save it for later to reminisce. Me? I’ll just write a blog about it. Let’s end this like Toby would.. Bless your face. If you sneezed while reading this blog post, then bless you. Peace off.

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