Day 9 – Limit the Temptations

“Don’t be long, where you don’t belong” – Unknown

Privyet! It’s TJ and that’s how you say “hello” or “hi” in Russian. Breaking the ice in these blogs isn’t easy but it’s a work in progress. It’s Saturday, the day with the most free time for the average 9-5 worker. This should be the easiest day to do what you love and to add value to your life but with more time comes more temptations (with great power comes great responsibility). For example, I played a little too much of the new Spiderman video game today, hence the Uncle Ben reference lol. No regrets here, it was a great day and I beat a lot of my normal temptations, let’s dive in.

What is your biggest temptation? Comment below if I missed yours but I’m going to hit on my top temptations on a weekend day, some apply to weekdays as well of course. Sleeping in, being a couch potato, sitting on my phone scrolling endlessly on social media, buying things online, ordering food, watching TV in excess, playing video games in excess, and staying up too late (which results in sleeping in or waking up with so much regret). Any one of those in moderation is fine but I am trying my best to challenge myself to be better and it has already positively affected my life. In order to give yourself enough time to do what you love, you need to limit the other insignificant things in your life.

All of this sounds great but it’s incredibly difficult to break bad habits and in the beginning you will always feel the temptation to go back. The quote above says it best, don’t be long, where you don’t belong… So sure give in to some temptations but don’t let it overtake you and be mindful of when/where you do it. I think the most relatable habit for everyone in the modern world is being on the phone too much especially with social media. I have been in the middle of conversations and have gotten distracted by my phone and it’s like losing touch with reality. I have also been in conversations with others where this happens to me and it’s not the best feeling in the world. It’s important to remember to focus on what’s going on around you and live in the moment, something I am trying to improve on this year.

How? How do we not get caught in temptations? Well, the approach for me is simple but not easy, limit those temptations and use everyday to do something that adds value to your life. I get up on time, a goal I set the previous day, so I can use my time wisely to accomplish today’s goals. I need time because no matter what the day brings, I know I want to write this blog post. To write this blog post, I need to get some inspiration, so I also make sure to now listen to podcasts. If I catch myself on my phone, I try to limit the time I’m on it. While on social media, if I see a post that doesn’t seem to be adding much value to my day or life, I reconsider if I should be following that person. Not only have I been unfollowing people but I’ve been deleting applications off my phone too. It’s these little steps that make the difference. Less wasting time, more value, less stuff, more accomplished, less temptations, and more living. It’s all happening slowly but surely, just like how we get rid of one item a day to declutter our life slowly but surely.

Item 009 of 360+

My item today is some gym shaker bottles I no longer need. It’s almost as if I started collecting them lol. Collections… a topic for another day. Anyways, I have no need for all of them, so I decided to recycle two of them today. Happy Saturday, make sure to stop by for some Shoe Sundays tomorrow, while quantities last.

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