Day 5 – Finding True Lasting Motivation

“You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation.” – Homer Rice

It’s TJ and it’s also Taco TUESDAY. We celebrated of course with some homemade healthy tacos, YUM. So what’s on the schedule for today. Ahh yes, motivation, that’s what we all need. It’s New Year’s resolution time, everyone is setting goals and trying to accomplish them. That’s great, I did the same thing. The problem is trying to carry that motivation throughout the year. The common goal of most is to try to get in better shape this year. I’m usually pretty good with going to the gym all year but I see the “resolutioners” come in January. Power to everybody trying to better themselves but the real reason I’m bringing it up is, why do people stop? It’s not because they aren’t motivated, it’s because they are motivated for the wrong reasons.

People rush into things, they try to work as hard as possible in the beginning and this will doom you for failure. If you truly want to get be better, you can’t do it in a day or a week, it has to be a mindset and you have to stay consistent. The only way to do this is not by someone else motivating you, it has to be your own goal, you need to see the value it adds to your life and find true lasting motivation.

Setting goals are important and staying motivated to reach them. Along with regular goals of trying to get into better shape and staying healthy, we started this blog and personal goals for us in our minimalism everyday. It’s a new lifestyle approach we are starting this year so it won’t be easy, but like all long term goals; start small and be consistent. Don’t push right through and stretch yourself too much in the beginning. For example, you probably shouldn’t get rid of 10 items each day because come the end of the year, you probably won’t have much at all left (unless you’re a hoarder)! Minimalism is about appreciating what you have, material and non-material! In this case, time is important to you too. A lot of people go to the gym this time of year as they set fitness goals for themselves. To make the most of that time, I decided to try to add value to going to the gym. This year my new approach is listening to The Minimalists Podcasts every time I’m at the gym. My goal is to try to listen to every podcast while I workout by the end of the year. There is currently 269 podcasts and they will be adding more throughout the year. Listening and learning while at the gym doubles the value and it seems to be a great way to have motivation to keep. Keep up with your goals no matter what they are and make sure they bring value to your life!

Item 005 of 360+

In the spirit of the gym, Amalia will be donating a headband today. Not the gym type of headband though of course. It’s a warm crocheted headband and will be the first of many cold weather items that we will be donating throughout this month. There definitely are people out there who could use cold weather items such as this right now during these cold winter months. Maybe this would inspire some of you to donate a warm clothing item to someone who would appreciate it more.


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