Day 3 – Less Shoes, More Walking

“Decluttering, organizing, and paring down don’t work unless you first find peace in doing without.” – Joshua Fields Millburn

Hey it’s TJ again, I figured let’s start with a quote today, maybe this will be how I start from now on. It’s for inspiration and it’s also to show, hey we’re not alone in this journey. It’s important to realize what this is all about and Joshua said it very well. It’s not just about getting rid of things, it’s about relying on things less and focusing on enjoying life more.

Earlier this morning, Amalia and I sat and enjoyed our morning coffee together, I made us some eggs and we talked about what item to choose for today. We have so many ideas, and we now have a few pairs of shoes together to donate / throw away but we decided to be careful in our ambition this early into the challenge. Amalia was worried about getting ahead of ourselves and I agreed so we will be doing a pair of shoes each Sunday until we have as much as we need. I said let’s call it SHOE SUNDAYS lol but I think the current title for day 3 is more fitting.

Item 003 of 360+

Less shoes, more walking! “What the hell are you talking about? It’s Lazy Sunday, who even needs shoes.” Well exactly, hypothetical person who said this hypothetical quote. I digress, but really, why do we all have so many shoes. I am not a huge culprit of this, I have around eight maybe nine pairs of shoes but honestly that is too many. Shoes are for walking, two for business/pleasure, one for exercising and one for chores to get dirty in should be enough for my needs. Now these numbers may differ for you, minimalism is different for everyone. They may even differ for me, only time will tell and I’m willing to wait and learn from it.

Quality over Quantity. Spend some extra money, not for the brand but to increase the life of your shoes and make sure they are comfortable. Quality is good within reason however quantity is the problem for most. If you had to walk around the block or let’s say a quarter mile in every pair of shoes you owned, would you be walking a few blocks, a few miles, a half marathon, a full marathon, an ultramartathon?!? That answer should start you down the path of less shoes. So what about more walking though? It’s January 3rd, everyone is trying to do their resolution and the most common resolution is to lose weight. So I challenge you and myself to donate/get rid of shoes we don’t use and while doing so getting some more use out of the shoes you actually wear by walking more. More to come next Sunday, maybe I’ll have a count of the shoes I own and walk the quantity in quarter miles or maybe it will be Amalia, who knows. To start the Shoe Sundays, I decided to donate my green Nike Airs, I hope someone will be able to use them, much better than sitting in my closet. Less is more.

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